Family Functions
A Positive Parenting Program Where Everyone Wins!

8.5x5.5 Label_Box[8]The structure of the program is designed to have a game-like quality to it and was purposely designed to help build trust and respect, key ingredients in successful parenting between parents and their child(ren).

The P3 program goes beyond eliminating troublesome behaviors in your child. With the inclusion of Good Habit Cards (GHC), included in the Parenting Tool Kit, your child learns the value of helping others, being part of a family unit, and part of the community as well. Having a sense of belonging is important to a child and when they feel included, their self-esteem grows and their behavior is more respectful towards others.

The Parenting Tool Kit includes all the materials needed to implement the P3 program in your home easily and quickly, without having to make your own charts, Good Habit Cards, tokens and token boxes, which can be quite time-consuming. Its colorful design is appealing and its positive, game-like quality entices children to want to start the program with enthusiasm!

About Me:

0015A warm hello and welcome to my website! I’m Barbara Polonsky, LCSW, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, but also practice as a Parenting Consultant; educating, guiding, and supporting parents through the challenges of raising their children.

I teach parents powerful and effective discipline strategies so they can reclaim their parental authority while establishing a trusting and respectful relationship with their children. I know from my own parenting journey how easy it is to lose your parental authority and power to your child when getting caught up in reacting to their misbehavior.  I’d like to help you navigate through these power struggles so you can enjoy a loving and rewarding relationship with your child in the way it is intended to be.

I believe when parents are given the proper tools and support needed to teach their child appropriate and respectful behavior that families will enjoy a better quality of life together both inside and outside the home. That’s why I encourage you to order the Positive Parenting with a Plan (P3) Parenting Tool Kit, containing all the necessary materials so you can easily implement this unique and highly successful behavioral program in your home. This program goes beyond teaching children how to follow rules and be accountable for their own behavior. It is also designed to teach children good habits that benefit themselves and others as well as healthy interpersonal relationships.

As you make the commitment to engage your family in this fun, “game-like” behavioral program, please take advantage of my offer for a free 20-min phone consultation to help you get started or to support you along the way. I am happy to help in your journey to improve the quality of your family’s life!