0015My Parenting Philosophy

Parenting Children with Love and Respect

A warm hello and welcome to my website! I’m Barbara Polonsky, LCSW, a Psychotherapist and Parenting Consultant. My passion is in educating, guiding, and supporting parents through the challenges of raising their children, using a unique and positive parenting program called, Positive Parenting with a Plan.”

Are you are a parent of a child who doesn’t listen? Does your child refuse to do chores, throw temper tantrums, or misbehave in any other way? If the answer is yes, then the Positive Parenting with a Plan program will provide the structure you need to restore peace and harmony in your home. It is designed not only to correct behavior, but to build character and establish healthy relationships with others, as well .

As a Parenting Consultant, I teach parents how to reclaim their authority and nurture a trusting and respectful relationship with their children. I know from my own parenting journey that it’s easy to lose your authority to your children when reacting to their misbehavior.  As a parent, it can leave you feeling frustrated, inadequate and powerless, wondering what you’re doing wrong.

Parenting without a game plan not only invites misbehavior in their children, it can cause marital tension between parents as well, resulting in a vicious cycle of marital tension and misbehavior.  Although parents may have different styles of parenting, the Positive Parenting with a Plan program focuses on empowering parents to become a team rather than two individuals operating with separate sets of rules and discipline. Being a team of co-parents puts structure in the family, making it difficult for children to play one parent against the other, and reinforces positive behavior in their children.

I believe when parents are given the proper tools and support needed to teach their child appropriate and respectful behavior that families will enjoy a better quality of life together. The Positive Parenting with a Plan program goes beyond teaching children how to follow rules and be accountable for their own behavior. It is also designed to teach children good habits that benefit themselves, their family, and their community as well as promote healthy interpersonal relationships with others.

I’d like to help you conquer the power struggles you have with your child and enjoy a loving and rewarding relationship the way it is intended to be. That’s why I encourage you to order the Positive Parenting with a Plan (P3) Parenting Tool Kit It contains all the necessary materials to easily start this highly successful behavioral program in your home today!

As you make the commitment to engage your family in this fun, “game-like” behavioral program, please take advantage of my offer for a free 30-min phone consultation to help you get started or to support you along the way. I am happy to help in your journey to improve the quality of your family’s life!