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About the Parenting Tool Kit

The Parenting Tool Kit includes all the materials needed to start the Positive Parenting with a Plan program in your home easily and quickly. For parents, the Parenting Tool Kit eliminates the time and effort required to produce their own materials.  Its colorful design is appealing and its positive, game-like quality invites both parents and children to participate with enthusiasm!

About the Program

Positive Parenting with a Plan, is a unique and successful parenting program created by Dr. Matthew Johnson.  Suited for children from K-12th grade, it is most effective with elementary aged children, before the parenting challenges of puberty and adolescence begin. Compared to other parenting programs,  Positive Parenting with a Plan focuses on building character, instilling values, and strengthening family relationships, while providing a rewarding and fun experience for the entire family!

8.5x5.5 Label_Box[8]This program goes beyond tackling troublesome behaviors in your child. Its game-like quality is designed to help build trust and respect between parents and their children. Trust and respect are necessary for successful parenting. It also gives parents the opportunity to work as a team when creating a list of rules that they both agree on.  Agreement is important in eliminating arguments between parents when enforcing the rules. It also encourages parents to support each other in disciplining their children.  For more information and useful strategies on parenting, visit my blog page under Parenting Tips.

What’s Included in the Parenting Tool Kit

The Parenting Tool Kit comes standard with materials for one to two children. It can also be ordered for up to six children, with or without the book, at various pricing depending on your needs. There are instructions on how to set up the materials included.

An optional Book, “Family-Rules:  Positive Parenting with a Plan“, written by Dr. Matthew Johnson, gives parents the specific steps on setting up and running the program in your home.  It is available for purchase without the Parenting Tool Kit on his website at

A Family Rules chart is included in the Parenting Tool Kit.  Parents, using a Dry Erase Marker, can write their rules on this chart and post them on their refrigerator for everyone to see using the Magnetic Strips

With the inclusion of a deck of Good Habit Cards (GHC) in the Parenting Tool Kit, your child learns the value of helping others and of being part of a family as well the community. Having a sense of belonging matters to children.  When they feel included, their self-esteem grows and their behavior is more respectful towards others.

The List of Chores chart helps children keep track of their responsibilities in the family, an important practice that builds a sense of self-worth, confidence, and competency in a child.  Feeling counted on to contribute to the functioning of a family also helps a child feel needed and connected.  A    Mom & Dad’s List of Chores chart is also included to show children the  importance of their parents’ efforts and contributions to the family as well.

The Rewards chart is an excellent reminder to children of how positive behavior will be rewarded as a result of following the family rules. The Family Meeting Agenda  gives family members a voice to express their concerns about all matters that need to be addressed as a family. It’s a visible space for children to be “seen and heard”  by their parents and siblings. It’s also a platform for building trust and respect between family members and an opportunity for group problem-solving.

Finally, each Parenting Tool Kit contains two Larger Boxes The box labeled Chips contains two (up to six) bags of Tokens for each child and a bag of red RAK tokens.  The box labeled Cards contains the deck of Good Habit Cards. In addition, there are two (up to six) Smaller Boxes for each child to store his or her earned tokens.  

With all the materials included in the Parenting Tool Kit, parents can start the Positive Parenting with a Plan program as soon as they receive it! You will enjoy the success of the program in a matter of a few weeks. If you need guidance along the way, I am here to help.  Just fill in the information on my Contact page, for a free 30-minute phone consultation to help get you started.

Children want to be seen and heard